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What Is Evergreen Content? Why You Should Use It

What is evergreen content? Why you should use it

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    Are you tired of putting in countless hours creating content for your blog only to have it lose its relevance in a few months? If you want to build a blog that consistently ranks well and attracts organic traffic for years to come, it’s time to shift your focus to evergreen content. While many people understand the importance of engaging content, not everyone realizes that the key to sustained success lies in creating content that remains valuable and relevant long after its publication. In this article, we’ll explore why evergreen content is critical for your blog’s success and how you can start creating it today.

    What is evergreen content? 

    Evergreen Content

    First, let’s define what we mean by “evergreen content.” Evergreen content is content that remains valuable and relevant to readers long after its publication. This could include how-to guides, tutorials, in-depth analyses, and comprehensive resources. Unlike news articles or timely pieces, evergreen content does not have an expiration date and can continue to attract organic traffic for months, if not years, after it’s been published.

    So why is evergreen content so important for your blog’s success? For starters, it can save you time and effort in the long run. By creating high-quality, evergreen content that stands the test of time, you can attract consistent organic traffic to your blog without having to constantly create new content. Additionally, evergreen content can help establish your blog as a reliable and authoritative source in your niche, which can lead to increased brand recognition, more backlinks, and higher search engine rankings. In short, investing in evergreen content is a smart strategy for any blogger looking to build a successful, sustainable blog.

    When it comes to creating content, there are two main types to think about when doing your topic research – time-sensitive content and evergreen content.

    Time-sensitive content is content that is only relevant for a short period of time or once every so often:

    • Where to Buy Christmas Decorations” – This content is only relevant in the build-up to Christmas and is unlikely to be popular in other months.
    • Easiest World Cup Group” – As the World Cup only takes place every 4 years, this content has a short shelf life. 

    Evergreen content is content that remains relevant and popular over time:

    • Best Guitars for Beginners” – This content will always remain relevant because new people start playing the guitar every day.
    • How to Lose Weight” – New people are trying to lose weight every day so this content will always be fresh.

    Why is evergreen content important?

    Why is evergreen content important

    There are plenty of reasons to start a blog but remaining relevant is one of the most important aspects of content creation. A great way to do this is to maintain a regular posting schedule that coincides with the latest trends of your niche

    If you run a fitness blog, then a post about the best athletes in an upcoming weightlifting competition is likely to be popular in the short term. However, once the event has finished, this content is understandably going to generate less interest. 

    What this means is that you’re always chasing the next spike of traffic. That’s a good thing to do but it is also labour intensive and doesn’t help so much with your search engine rankings.

    On the contrary, evergreen content provides a consistent source of organic traffic that leads to improved search engine rankings and less work to do to remain relevant.

    On the same fitness blog, a post about the top 5 ways to improve your squat is likely to remain permanently relevant because a constant stream of new people want to take advantage of the information and it is unlikely to change much over the years. Even if the content does need updating slightly, it’s easier to do this than to create a completely new post.

    How do you identify evergreen content?

    How do you identify evergreen content

    Identifying evergreen content requires a strategic approach that focuses on selecting topics that are likely to remain relevant and valuable to readers over an extended period of time. Here are some tips to help you identify evergreen content:

    First, consider your niche or industry and identify topics that are likely to remain relevant for years to come. For example, if you run a cooking blog, topics such as basic cooking techniques, essential kitchen tools, or popular recipes are likely to remain relevant and valuable to readers over time.

    Second, look for topics that have broad appeal and are not tied to a specific time or event. For example, a guide on how to start a blog or tips for staying productive when working from home are both topics that are likely to remain relevant and valuable to readers over time.

    Finally, consider using keyword research tools to identify popular search terms related to your niche or industry. Look for keywords that have a high search volume and low competition, as these can be excellent topics for creating evergreen content that will attract organic traffic for years to come.

    In summary, identifying evergreen content requires a strategic approach that takes into account your niche or industry, broad appeal, and keyword research. By selecting topics that are likely to remain relevant and valuable to readers over time, you can create evergreen content that will attract consistent organic traffic and help establish your blog as a reliable and authoritative source in your niche.

    How do you create evergreen content?

    How do you create evergreen content

    Creating evergreen content comes down to understanding what your target audience wants to read about. There are probably a few evergreen topics you can think of without much struggle – “How to Lose Weight”, “How to Boil an Egg”, “How to Learn to Play the Guitar”, and so on.

    You can also find evergreen topics to write about by doing some keyword research and locating areas of consistent search volume. There are plenty of tools out there that can help in this regard.

    Evergreen content is the backbone of your blog, so it needs to be of the highest quality possible. A copywriting service can help in this regard because you’re dealing with professional writers that know how to create engaging content that will rank well and keep your readers coming back for more.

    The benefit of placing a copywriting order is that you’ll have the peace of mind that your evergreen content will generate consistently impressive results and will also free up much needed time for you to focus on time-sensitive content that can often be put on the back-burner. It’s a win-win situation. 

    Tips For Creating Your Own Evergreen Content

    Tips for creating your own evergreen content

    If rather than hiring a copywriter, you decide to go it alone and create your own evergreen content, there are some helpful pointers that will make the process much easier. While it may be tempting to start generating content with random titles that seem relevant to your business, this approach is unlikely to bring you much attention. Following these tips can ensure that you are getting eyes on your posts:

    Keywords are king

    We briefly mentioned keywords earlier, but they are worthy of another look as they really will make or break your content. Using keyword tools can ensure that you are targeting topics that people actually want to read about. When you input your keywords into a tool some of the things you need to be considering are:

    • The search volume – are there enough searches to demonstrate an interest 
    • If the volume is low can you look at the parent topic?
    • Are the top-ranking pages receiving plenty of traffic?

    If you seem to be getting good signs from your keyword tool, next you need to be checking out Google Trends. Are your keywords showing popularity that is consistent or are they facing a decline? If the trend is moving in the wrong direction then this suggests that your chosen topic is not evergreen and you may need to plan again.

    Optimise for success

    If you have found keywords that suggest you can create evergreen content based on them, the next stage is to ensure that your piece is optimised for SEO. You can find best practice guides relating to on-page SEO and some of the things you need to be incorporating are:

    • Ensure that you add alt text to any images 
    • Put your keyword into your title 
    • Use keywords throughout the copy but don’t stuff them
    • Use internal links to link to your other posts where relevant 

    Know your audience 

    When it comes to writing your evergreen content it may be tempting to try and show off your expertise. Yes, it is great to be seen as an expert in your field but you also need to bear in mind that if you are overly technical or use a great deal of jargon you will lose your readers.

    In most sectors, it makes sense to write content that is aimed at beginners in the first instance. This is more like to appeal to a broad and recurring audience. Content aimed at experts will be visited much less often and only at times of specific need. 

    Repurpose your evergreen content 

    If you have followed all of the keyword research, optimised your page, and ensured that you’ve written for the right audience then you want as many eyes as possible in your content. Search engines will do their bit if your SEO is right, but you can also help to get more readers by presenting your evergreen content in other ways. You could:

    • Re-spin the content with a new title
    • Use the content to generate a buzz on social media
    • Adapt your written content to produce an infographic 
    • Consider a podcast or YouTube video based on your article 

    How To Get The Best From Your Evergreen Content

    How to get the best from your evergreen content

    Creating quality evergreen content is no easy feat. Once you’ve cracked it you need to make sure that it is easily found by your existing audience as well as a new one. This is unlikely to be the case if you simply publish your blog and forget about it. If that is the case, your content soon becomes buried and lost amongst everything else on your site. What you need to be doing is ensuring that your new masterpiece is immediately seen and easily accessed. Here’s how:

    Highlight your evergreen content

    Rather than allowing your blog post to get lost amongst the many others that you have created, you can easily highlight your evergreen content on your homepage. Set up a sidebar that displays these blog titles so that readers can see them the moment that they arrive at your site.

    Refresh your evergreen content

    It may seem to go against the grain as the idea of evergreen content is that it maintains relevance and doesn’t need any further work. However, if you review this on a periodic basis there may be updates that are worth making where you can refresh the content. This gives it another lease of life and helps it to be found again.

    Create a new page on your site

    You could go as far as creating a new section on your website entitled something along the lines of ‘start here’. This could include all of your evergreen content and the title of the page should draw people in and make sure that these pieces are read.

    Utilise social media

    Be sure to promote your evergreen content across your social media platforms. Using the right hashtags and posting at the right times can have a major effect on how your social media posts are received. Do some research here and then you will see how social media, when used effectively, can bring a whole new audience to your blog posts. 

    It’s Not All About Evergreen

    We’ve focused on the importance, and the benefits, of evergreen content, but it is worth noting that this isn’t the be-all and end-all of content marketing. Yes, this type of content should go on bringing in new readers on a consistent basis, but an effective marketing strategy combines this with seasonal content as well as pieces that are timely and newsworthy.

    A mix of seasonal content and evergreen content gives your site the best of both worlds. You get to benefit from the short term spikes given by times of the year or world events whilst also maintaining eyes and readers when they subside. It is always worth considering topical and timely pieces when you are looking at short-term marketing campaigns as they can bring a real boost. 

    Reviewing Your Performance 

    We mentioned that, at times, even evergreen content will need a refresh. A refresh keeps an article relevant and ensures that the information is still reliable. No matter what your topic, it is likely that there will be changes at some point and that these will need to be incorporated into your content.

    As well as checking that your content is still relevant and informative, you will also need to keep an eye on how it is performing. Even if your information is still up to date, you may see the number of visitors to your site beginning to fall. Here are things to review to keep your content ranking:

    Check your stats and links

    You’re only going to know how your evergreen content is performing if you are actually looking at your stats. You should be able to see how many visits you are getting and where from. A decline means that there is a need for change! You also need to be checking out any links in your content. If these links are no longer live you will frustrate your readers and probably attract the wrath of Google.

    Review the competition

    Have you noticed competitors are now outranking you for certain keywords? If so, you need to know why! Is there evergreen content of a higher quality? Is it better optimised? Do they have more backlinks? Whatever the reason, you need to understand this so that you can make the necessary tweaks to climb back up in the rankings.

    A Final Word

    When you ask businesses why they don’t have any evergreen content it is often the case that they blame the lack of time. It is true that creating effective evergreen content is time-consuming. However, the time put into this brings its own rewards. Evergreen content is one of the most valuable assets a business can own.

    If you are a business lacking the time to produce evergreen content of your own, why not give us a try? Our team of professional writers can ensure that your content is fully optimised and will bring you the results that you are looking for.