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How To Create Content For Boring Or Difficult Niches​

How To Create Content For Boring Or Difficult Niches

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    It’s your business, and you know that you are in a niche where it’s not that easy to create content. Knowing how to create engaging content when your sector is perhaps not the most interesting can be difficult. It could be that your business is one that is full of technical jargon, and the challenge is trying to find an interesting way to present this that can be understood by the many, not just the few. Or maybe the niche content that you need is because, although your service or product is certainly needed, it’s just not that exciting to talk about.

    The use of the word ‘boring’ may be somewhat harsh, but some businesses just don’t seem top contenders to generate a buzz and to get people talking. Of course, that is the aim of your niche content: to get people to spread the word. If you’re struggling to achieve when it comes to creating content for boring or difficult niches, you are not alone! Let’s have a look at some tips to make the process easier, and get you creating niche content that works for your business.

    Why Is It Better To Have More Niche Pages Of Content?

    Having more niche pages of content on your blog is advantageous for several reasons. For one, it helps attract a more specific and engaged audience, as content that caters to a particular subset of your target audience can position you as an expert in that area and foster a community of like-minded individuals. This increased engagement can lead to greater shares, comments, and visibility, which can enhance your overall authority in your niche.

    Moreover, creating more niche pages can boost your search engine rankings. By targeting specific, long-tail keywords with your content, you increase your chances of ranking higher in search results for those keywords, which can drive more organic traffic to your blog. In addition, having a diverse range of niche pages can help you rank for a wider range of keywords, increasing your overall visibility in search results.

    Finally, having more niche pages of content can help you monetize your blog more effectively. By catering to specific subsets of your audience, you can offer targeted products and services that are more likely to resonate with them. This approach can increase your chances of generating revenue from your blog by tailoring your content and promotions to your audience’s specific needs and interests.

    In summary, creating more niche pages of content on your blog can help you attract a more specific and engaged audience, rank better in search engines, and monetize your blog more effectively. By focusing on specific topics and keywords, you can position yourself as an expert in your niche, drive more organic traffic to your site, and generate more revenue from your content. If you’re looking to take your blog to the next level, consider creating more niche pages of content that speak directly to your audience’s specific interests and needs.

    What Is Niche Content Research?

    Niche content research is a crucial part of developing a successful blogging strategy. It involves identifying specific topics and areas of interest that resonate with a particular subset of your audience. By understanding your target audience’s needs and interests, you can create content that is tailored to their unique requirements, which can help drive engagement, shares, and ultimately, revenue.

    To conduct effective niche content research, you need to start by understanding your audience. This involves identifying their demographic characteristics, such as age, gender, and location, as well as their interests, pain points, and challenges. Once you have a good understanding of your audience, you can begin to identify potential niches that align with their needs and interests. This could involve looking for untapped topics, emerging trends, or areas of expertise where you can differentiate yourself from other bloggers.

    Ultimately, niche content research is about finding the right balance between relevance and competition. You want to identify topics that are highly relevant to your audience but are not already saturated with content. This requires a combination of data analysis, creativity, and strategic thinking. By conducting thorough research and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in your niche, you can position yourself as an expert in your field and drive more traffic, engagement, and revenue to your blog.

    How Do You Make Your Content Stand Out In A Crowded Niche?

    Making your content stand out in a crowded blogging niche can be a challenge, but there are several strategies you can use to differentiate yourself from the competition:

    1. Develop a unique voice and style: One way to stand out is to develop a distinctive voice and style that sets your content apart. Whether it’s a conversational tone, a witty sense of humor, or a no-nonsense approach, find a style that resonates with your audience and makes your content memorable.
    2. Offer original insights and perspectives: Rather than regurgitating the same tired topics and ideas that everyone else is covering, try to offer fresh insights and perspectives on your niche. This could involve drawing on your own experiences, conducting original research, or presenting information in a unique and engaging way.
    3. Embrace multimedia content: Another way to differentiate yourself is by embracing different types of multimedia content. Whether it’s video, audio, infographics, or interactive content, using different formats can help your content stand out and engage your audience in new ways.
    4. Build a community: Finally, building a community around your content can help it stand out in a crowded niche. Encourage discussion and engagement by responding to comments, hosting live events, or creating forums where your audience can connect with each other and share their own insights and perspectives.

    Making your content stand out in a crowded blogging niche requires a combination of creativity, originality, and community-building. By developing a unique voice, offering original insights, embracing multimedia content, and building a community around your content, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and create content that resonates with your audience.

    Reaching For The Skies With Skyscraper Content

    Reaching for the skies with Skyscraper Content

    When you’re looking at how to create engaging content in a difficult niche, the overriding point to remember is this: people have already done it, and people continue to do this. No matter how boring you may feel that your industry is, niche content has been created and is being created every day. By understanding what Skyscraper Content is, you can tap into this and see how to create engaging content off the back of niche content that already exists.

    To be clear, Skyscraper Content isn’t about plagiarism: it is about utilising existing top-quality articles and making them better. So, how does it work? Using this method means that you need to take the time to find content that is related to your sector. On finding this, you can look at blog comments or social signals to establish how well this niche content was received. With a well-written, well-received piece of niche content in front of you, work your magic by freshening it up: bringing it up to date and adding your own spin. With this newly written niche content, you already have places to publish and for it to start gaining some traction: the blogs and publications where the original content was published.

    Creating A ‘How-To’ Series

    How-to series

    Some of the most popular Google searches start with the words ‘how to’. The popularity of this search term grows even more when you start looking at searches that take place on YouTube. People are visiting YouTube and carrying out daily Google searches to try and find a solution to their problem. No matter how boring or difficult your niche may appear, the truth is this: you already have a successful business because the product or service you offer solves a problem for your customers. Knowing that a problem exists means that people are searching for answers!

    Taking the time to understand exactly what help your customer’s needs can give you a whole host of ideas around niche content. Centring your content around this, and answering the ‘how to’ questions, means that you are easily able to create engaging content. Perhaps your niche is difficult to explain and answering the ‘how to’ isn’t straightforward without thousands and thousands of words of text. By using infographics, you can take complicated information from your niche and present it in a user-friendly way that will still provide your audience with answers. 

    Tapping Into Your Company’s Talent

    When companies are asking how to create engaging content, they often forget one of the most valuable resources that they already have: their staff. Perhaps you have already tried brainstorming sessions with your team to create niche content, but this has fallen some way short. The solution here is to approach these sessions with a structure.

    The 6-3-5 brainwriting process is a technique that can be used to capture the best ideas for niche content from your team. The 6 relates to people, the 3 to the number of ideas, and the 5 to the time you have to complete the session. It works by asking 6 members of your team to write down 3 ideas about a set topic. They have 5 minutes to do this before passing their piece of paper to the person to their right and repeating the process. By the time that this process has been repeated and has been running for 30 minutes or so, you will have easily generated over 100 ideas for niche content.

    Become A Storyteller 

    Become a storyteller

    When it comes to creating content for a boring niche, you can minimise how boring this actually is by learning to tell a story. Regardless of your sector or industry, and regardless of how complex or simple it is, storytelling just works. By creating a compelling story, you can draw your reader into what you are saying. Once you have them hooked, it is much easier to their keep their attention when it gets to what you’re really trying to let them know.

    How does storytelling work? A story comes across best when it is related to a real-life situation. If you have experienced something relevant to your sector that has had a profound effect on you then people are far more likely to engage with that as opposed to a string of facts and figures. The other positive of using a story is that it becomes personable. You can use a story as a chance for your readers to get to know you that bit better.  

    What Are Your Customers Interested In?

    If your niche is on the difficult side and you struggle to engage your readers, why not branch out when it comes to the type of things that you are writing about? Your customers clearly have an interest in your product or service, but how much do they want/need to digest about it? Will constant articles all around the same theme just leave them bored and looking to read elsewhere? If so, find out what else they are interested in.

    There is no harm in your blog containing articles that cover different topics. The topics could be a million miles away from the ones that you’d normally cover. That is more than okay as long as you know that it is something that will resonate with your customers. Perhaps the best example of this can be found over at Simply Business. This is a company that offers business insurance. Instead of writing continually about insurance products, they now publish articles based on social media marketing and pay per click. Why? Because these are topics that matter to its customer base. It educates them and keeps them reading.  

    Use Statistics – Just Not In A Boring Way!

    Use statistics in content

    If you’re trying to create content for a niche that is already viewed as been a little on the boring side, the use of statistics is probably the last thing that comes to mind. Used in the wrong way, facts, figures, and stats can be dull and only add to the boredom. Used and presented in the right way, these can actually draw a reader in. What are the most interesting statistics in your industry? Which ones may be a surprise to your readers or just reinforce what they already know?

    Some of the best infographics that have been used do a fantastic job of drawing readers in. They display statistics in a way that is easily digestible and far from boring. The human mind actually craves data and figures as they provide proof and reassurance.  You just need to make sure that they are presented effectively. If it is good enough for some of the biggest companies in the world, then there is no reason why you can’t make this work for you too. 

    Who Are Your Industry Leaders?

    If you know who the experts and leaders are in your industry (aside from yourself, of course!) go ahead and ask them for an interview. Regardless of your niche, people like nothing more than to hear from the experts in your field. Who can you approach and how can you strike a deal that leads to a win-win situation? 

    An interview is one of the easiest ways to put together some great content to use on your website. One of the best things about this is that your interviewee is also likely to be vocal about the information that they have just shared with you. They will be driving traffic your way in the same way that you are trying to. By putting together a quality interview, and then repurposing this and creating written content you can see a huge boost in your readership. 

    Explore Contacts Outside Of Your Industry

    You will no doubt have an army of contacts in your industry. This is great in terms of bouncing around ideas and even perfecting best practices. However, when it comes to creating content for a difficult niche, these contacts can actually be a little limiting. What you need are contacts from the outside.

    Get those working in different industries to read your content. Are they engaged or bored rigid? If it is the latter, what would they prefer to see? You can return the favour by providing an outsiders view when it comes to their content too. If you know people in numerous sectors, you can get a feel for any ‘buzz’ topics that are doing the round. If you can find a way to slant your articles towards this you can attract a whole new audience. 

    Is Your Niche Actually Boring Anyway?

    It may well be that your industry is complex. There may well be plenty of technical terms that the average person on the street just won’t understand. Does that mean that your niche is boring though? The truth is that there are niches that are difficult to create content for, but there are none that are boring. Boring content is the result of boring writers – it is not down to the niche that is been written for.

    You can avoid being a boring writer by following some of the points above. These will ensure that you can find the content that your readers are wanting to see and also find the best ways that you can present this. 

    Of course, another option to generate niche content is to use the services of a professional copywriter. Professional copywriters have the research skills to understand the most difficult of niches, and to turn the most boring of topics into engaging content.