How And Why Should You Repurpose Content?​

How and Why Should You Repurpose Content?

Creating good content takes time, effort and expertise – we should know, it’s something we do for our clients every single day. However, time is precious and we know that if you’re writing your own content, you don’t always have time to fully research an article, put together a writing plan and then 

Commit the time to get the article written, which is why repurposing content can be a lifesaver. 

Repurposing content is generally less time consuming than a brand new piece of content from scratch, so it means you have more time to do other tasks or create more content!

What Other Benefits Are There To Repurposing Content?

As well as being a great time saver, there are other ways that content repurposing can benefit you.

Breathe New Life Into Content

If you have a piece of content that hasn’t done as well as you would have liked, then you can help breathe new life into it & get it out there again. Sometimes we schedule content at the wrong time, use the wrong hashtags or simply put out content that doesn’t reach the audience we would like. By repurposing content we can give it a fresh look and get it back out there again. Take a look at which parts your audience did respond to, or consider who your audience are and why it didn’t reach them. You can then use a different approach to the article & help it reach a better, wider audience.

Get Seen By Search Engines

Get Seen By Search Engines

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a great reason to create quality, targeted content. You can give your website a boost by having several articles around the same topic so that Google sees you as a valuable resource and boosts your page rankings. It is also worth considering off-page SEO and how having content out there on other websites pointing to yours is worthwhile. SEO and relevant keywords often change too, so if you have a piece of content that isn’t quite hitting the market SEO wise, you can repurpose this into something that does tick all of the current SEO keyword boxes.

Reiterate Your Voice To Your Customers

Customers don’t often read something once and trust it/decide to dive straight in. By reinforcing your message and ensuring that you have lots of well written, relevant content about a particular topic you are showing potential customers that you know what you’re talking about and are a resource to be trusted, which makes them much more likely to go ahead and buy from you.

How and Why Should You Repurpose Content?

We know that there are many reasons why you should repurpose content, but how can you do it so that it isn’t just the same version of content be posted multiple times; which actually does damage to your SEO and is not recommended at all. But, what is the best way to repurpose content?

Create New Blogs

This is probably the easiest way to reuse content because there are so many different types of blog posts that you can create. For example, if you have a ‘top 10’ style blog post that is mostly made up of a list, you can give this a fresh look for a post by using paragraphs rather than using a numbered approach. If it is valuable information of your customers you can also use the same topic to create a newsletter or social media post.

Posts That You Can Share

Share blog posts

In a similar way to blog posts, you can create posts that can be shared and posted elsewhere. Spend some time researching a topic in full and then considering where you can post this and what audience each post is likely to reach. As an example, if you’re writing about the best ways to save money you could write:

  • 5 Ways To Save Money
  • Our Tips For Spending Less Money This Month
  • How To Can Save Money Without Even Trying
  • Are You Spending Too Much? Here’s Where You’re Going Wrong
  • Have More Money Left At The End of The Month With These Lifehacks

As the research behind all of these will be the same, you get to repurpose all of the information you have found into 5 posts, all of which can be posted in different places – great for building your brand and SEO, as well as ensuring your own website is packed full of well-written contact that your audience will appreciate.

Change The Content

change the content

When we think about content creation it is written content that usually comes to mind first. However, when it comes to repurposing content you can mix it up a bit. For example, you could turn the information you have within a blog post into an informative YouTube Video or take some snippets from a page on your website to create some picture-heavy social media posts. There are lots of options – designing an infographic, using a post to write something on Instagram and even sharing bits of information on Twitter. You already have the information there, research and written down so repurposing it to be used in a completely different way shouldn’t be too time-consuming.

The Importance of Content Repurposing

There is definitely going to be content you have created that has missed the mark or not aged well, after all, things are changing all the time. When you have put time and effort into creating something it is a shame for it not to be seen by the right audience. By giving your content a fresh look, you can ensure it is up to date and tailored towards the right audience. Repurposing content rather than creating something from scratch is much less time consuming, so you can take more time on other tasks.

Repurposing content also gives you a chance to mix up what you are putting out there, which is a great way to keep your audience interested. Rather than just written blog posts, you can switch this around, monitor analytics to see what goes down well & make sure that all of the content you put out there is working as effectively as possible for you.