How to Research Blog Topics

How to Research Blog Topics

Do you have a blog for your business, but are not sure what to write about? 

Your company should have a blog to help to drive traffic to your website, establish trust and enhance brand awareness. Blogs offer shareable content and extra exposure, and are especially helpful as Google will favour websites with further information and well-read content. 

High-quality, engaging content helps you connect with your customer or audience. Whether you’re selling products or services, looking to build your readership, or want to share and teach something you care about, well-written content is an essential step. 

Not sure where to start? You can use a copywriting service to create well-written, professional, and search engine optimised (SEO) ready content for your website or company blog. 

Want to know how to research topics for your blog? Here are some of our favourite ways to help your site rank better and keep readers coming back!


brainstorm ideas

The classic brainstorm can be done alone or with a team, but it’s a great way to get thinking about topics that your audience might want to read. It takes a few bad ideas to find the good ones, so note down everything you can think of and pick the best content ideas. 

Follow the industry

follow the industry

You can follow industry news, related blogs, and social media pages to find interesting content ideas. Social media is a great place for finding out what your audience really wants to know. What kind of posts do they comment on? What questions are they asking their followers? 

Find the most searched terms

find searched terms

There are many free and paid programmes that allow you to search phrases to check their popularity, but one easy trick is to use Google search to start a sentence and see what people have asked most frequently. 

Ask your team and customers

ask questions

The sales team and customer services will be able to tell you their frequently asked questions. The solutions could be a valuable piece of content to share.

Customers are often fairly vocal about what they expect from businesses, so don’t be afraid to ask them what they want. 

Consider hot topics

hot topic blog post

Can you join in on something trending online? Are you supporting important organisations or causes? For example, what are you doing to ensure your business is sustainable? Let your audience know what you care about. This will show the individual and company personality, as well as transparency. 

Now that you have your content ideas, you can get them written for a fair cost by professionals. If you would like to our popular service, you can send a copywriting order with just a title, any further ideas and any keywords that you would like featured. 

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What are you waiting for? Time to get brainstorming!