Why should you refresh content

Why Should You Refresh Content

Living in a fast-paced world is exciting – we’re all reaching for the newest, the trendiest, the best. But this comes at a price. As things progress, the latest and greatest technology, fashion styles, and consumer trends quickly become stale and outdated. 

Think about it – it doesn’t seem too long ago that Nokia was the trendiest phone manufacturer, or that physical newspapers were commonplace in households all over the world. Things change, and whether you like it or not, you must move with the times to remain relevant. 

Even Apple understand that they’ve got to update their existing features as much as possible to keep their consumers coming back for more. 

Blogs are no different. You could write the most amazing, informative piece of content available on the internet, but you’d be wrong to assume that it wouldn’t need to be refreshed every so often. Do you think the most comprehensive blog post from the 1990s about earning money online is as impressive today? 

Here are 4 reasons why you should refresh your content:

Improved SEO Practices

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SEO practices are ever-changing and that means that your once perfectly optimised post may now be outdated and damaging its potential success. 

Refreshing your content gives you an opportunity to put optimal SEO practices into place and increase your chances of ranking highly. This could include things such as adding long-tail keywords, including alt text, changing your URL structure, optimising images, and so on.

A copywriting service like Content Conga can help with this as you’ll be receiving content that is designed by a professional who is up to date with the latest best SEO practices.

Increased Competition

website competition

As the internet continues to grow and more people realise the potential of online business, there is an increase in competition for spaces at the top of search results.

Finding your niche is wonderful when you’re a big fish in a small pond. However, it can be much more difficult to compete when you suddenly find yourself in a huge pond with lots of other big fish.

Refreshing your content allows you to make sure that you’re providing your readers with the most comprehensive information available. If someone else comes along and expands or improves upon your work, your content can quickly become stale. 

However, it is important not to neglect newer content throughout the time you spend refreshing your old work. Placing a copywriting order can keep things ticking over nicely so you’re getting the best of both worlds. 

Increased Engagement

website engagement

It can be exciting to publish a new post and see your readers flock to it to increase views, shares, and comments. However, the initial buzz can fade once everyone has had their say, and you then find yourself having to research something new to post about to start the cycle over again.

This is great because new content expands your website and keeps viewers engaged, but you don’t always have to find a new subject to discuss. 

Refreshing your previous posts allows you to add new information or even change your mind about an opinion you put forward previously. This then gives you an opportunity to share your updates on social media which can bring back previous readers as well as entice new people to engage with your content.

Remain Relevant

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Remaining relevant is a challenge for most websites. Even if you ignore the competition and focus solely on your content, it can quickly become outdated and in need of a refresh.

Let’s say you’ve posted an article about the best budget televisions available to buy online. It’s only a matter of time before newer models and better deals are released. If you’re not updating your content, then your readers are quickly going to find the updated information they’re looking for elsewhere. 

Businesses should pay note to this because you can guarantee that the competition is trying to remain relevant by regularly updating their blog with the newest information available about products and services. The key to success is providing the most up to date content possible to remain relevant in such a fast-paced world.