5 reasons why your business should have a blog

Reasons why you should have a blog

One of the most important elements of successful business growth is managing to keep up with the times. The internet paved the way for businesses around the world to showcase their products and services to a huge amount of people. As such, most businesses will now have some form of website.

Although a landing page with some key details about your business might have done the job a few years ago, things have moved on in recent years, and it’s now much more difficult to stand out from the crowd. That’s why businesses are now turning to blogging to keep them ahead of the competition.

Here are 5 reasons why your business should have a blog:

Increased Traffic

increase web traffic

A successful online presence requires people to be able to find you. When it comes to people who already know about your business then a small website will be enough because they can search for your exact business name.

But what about people who don’t know about your business? These are your potential new customers and you want to give yourself the best chance of ending up on their radar. 

A blog can go a long way to increasing your website’s traffic because it adds huge amounts of content that act as breadcrumbs for new people to find you. Creating a well researched blog post presents you with an opportunity to teach people about your products and services in a way that provides value to the reader and page views to you.

Establishing Trust

establish trust online

If a potential customer trusts you as a business, then they’re much more likely to hand cash over to you. A landing page simply doesn’t do enough in this regard.

By posting regular blogs, you have an opportunity to show customers that you’re an authority business within the industry. High-quality customer service is essential to a successful business and a blog allows you to provide a great service by taking the time to post about commonly asked questions, useful information about products, and so on.

Free Exposure

exposure marketing

Businesses around the world spend a ridiculous amount of money to keep their brand at the forefront of peoples’ minds. Writing blog posts costs nothing but time but gives you a chance to repeatedly remind existing and potential new customers about your business and why it’s great.

Keeping Google Happy

Google Traffic

Keeping your business as high as possible in search engine results is no easy task. As the internet continues to grow with seemingly endless amounts of content, it’s a long-term battle to remain relevant. 

However, you can increase your chances of reaching that top spot by doing things that Google and other search engines love. These days, it’s all about quality over quantity. Professionally written, informative blog posts grab Google’s attention because you’re providing value that makes you worthy of a high ranking. High rankings tend to lead to improved performance.

Social Media Superiority

social media

Most of us know that social media is important to business growth these days. However, it’s also true that lots of us don’t know how to truly harness its power. 

Being loud on social media can help to get your name out there but you also want to provide substance to your posts. When you write a blog, you have an opportunity to share it on your social media accounts, and this can lead to more people finding your website, but also provides you with an opportunity to interact with others who are interested in your post. Interactions like this give you a chance to show onlookers that you’re the real deal.

In truth, any business website without a blog is unlikely to reach its true potential. If you’re already paying for a domain and hosting package, then all it will cost is a bit of your free time to create blog posts. The risk vs reward is heavily weighted to reward and it’s a no-brainer for anyone looking to increase traffic and potential conversions.