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content marketing examples using infographics​

Content Marketing Campaigns Using Infographics

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    Content marketing is one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach and engage with their target audience. With the explosion of digital content in recent years, it can be challenging for brands to stand out from the competition. One way to cut through the noise and grab the attention of your audience is through the use of infographics. Infographics are a visual representation of information or data that combines text, images, and design elements into an easy-to-digest format. By using infographics in your content marketing strategy, you can present complex information in a visually appealing and shareable way.

    In this article, we will explore some content marketing examples that effectively use infographics to communicate their message and engage their audience. We will look at how businesses across different industries have leveraged the power of infographics to educate, entertain, and inspire their audience. From healthcare to finance, from technology to travel, there is no shortage of industries that have benefited from the use of infographics in their content marketing efforts.

    One of the most significant benefits of using infographics in your content marketing strategy is that they can increase engagement and sharing. Infographics are highly shareable, which means that people are more likely to share them on social media or other online platforms. This increased sharing can lead to more visibility and brand awareness, as well as increased traffic to your website. Additionally, infographics can help improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) by providing valuable backlinks and increasing the time visitors spend on your site.

    There are differences when it comes to B2B and B2C marketing and the reality is that infographics are most popular in B2B marketing. That’s not to say that they have no use at all when it comes to B2C. Given the benefits that they bring, it is worth considering whether you can outsource and bring in a creator or manage the process yourself with some of the resources that are now available.

    We think that infographics are a simply stunning way to market your business. If you need any convincing when it comes to why infographics work really well in digital content marketing campaigns, take a look at some of our favourite ones.

    LinkedIn – A Well Balanced Blog


    Infographic source

    We hark way back to 2014 with this beauty of an infographic when they were only just becoming ‘a thing’. LinkedIn knows exactly what makes a good blog post and now exactly what makes a good infographic, so combined the two for this unforgettable graphic.

    We are all familiar with images and graphics showing us what makes up the perfect diet or plate of food, so LinkedIn took this concept and ran with it completely, exchanging the food for blog aspects. There are so many ‘how to create the perfect blog post’ posts out there, but the thematic approach to the subject made LinkedIn stand out in the crowd. It is a visual metaphor, communicating what can be fairly dull information. It looks great, it’s memorable and it presents the information perfectly. If Carlsberg made infographics…well, you know the rest. 

    If the World Were 100 People

    100 People

    Infographic source

    There are many variations of this infographic, all very similar and all share the same information. It has also been adapted to suit different businesses and consumer needs – ‘if Facebook was 100 people’ and so on. It is an internationally recognised infographic, even with the slight variations. 

    It is based on the 100 People project; a global initiative to represent every single community and person, and when there are more than 7.5 billion people, that’s a pretty enormous task. The best way to show this information is through graphics, which is what has been done multiple times.

    Shelter End Letting Fees Campaign


    Infographic source

    Shelter, the UK based homeless and housing charity release infographics frequently to illustrate their findings on the levels of homelessness and issues facing renters in the UK. All of their infographics are hard-hitting and as effective as each other; we are just pulling this one out as a clear example. 

    The use of three simple colours – red, white and black is particularly striking. People have come to associate those colours with danger, stop and so on, which is exactly what Shelter was aiming to do. They are simple and to the point – and you don’t even need to read the text to see what information is being shown. 

    Chairoffice – 10 Records To Break Working From Home 

    Infographic source

    The last 18 months or so have seen record numbers of people working from home. From being forced to do so, to being advised to, back to it being a choice to make, Covid-19 meant that the way of work saw a huge change. There are plenty of benefits of home working, but many also experienced a few cons. The biggest being that people were working more and forgetting to take breaks.

    This infographic is perhaps as basic as basic can be, but it comes with a strong message: remember to take your breaks! With bright colours that grab the attention, it tells us that we could be aiming towards breaking a host of world records by taking the time out for proper breaks. 

    Bannersnack – How To Be Productive While Working From Home

    Infographic Source

    Another infographic that focuses on the work from home phenomena. With entire offices kicked out from their cosy desks, Bannersnack wanted to be a little different to some companies. It wanted to take steps to ensure that its employees found the transition as easy as possible.

    The approach taken was to create an infographic that conveyed all of the help, tips, and information that employees would need. With an eye-catching design, it contains tips that are immediately actionable. Some of the advice may seem a little basic but for newcomers to the world of home working, these were valuable titbits that aided an army of workers settle in and become as productive as they could be.

    Studio Patten – Power Shifts

    Infographic Source

    There may be some fans of history among us, but let’s be honest: this is a subject that is known for being a little dull. Trying to remember names, places, dates, and events is not always the easiest task especially when it is presented to you in a wall of text. This is where infographics can come into their own.

    The infographic here tackles the subject of the power of nations. It takes readers on a journey through time showing which nations held the most power and when this was. As infographics go, this one is beyond simple, but it is this simplicity that adds to its effectiveness.

    Janet Haniak – The Evolution Of Us Vaccines

    Infographic Source

    A subject of vital importance, especially when you consider the current situation, but again this is one that can be a little on the dry side. The subject matter here is highly complex and a traditional blog or article would run the risk of alienating readers based on that level of complexity.

    This infographic tries to keep things simple and straightforward. There are no cartoon images. Instead, what you will find are real-life images all appearing on a single timeline. The most important events branch out from this line and are easy to follow. 

    John Hopkins Medicine – How To Properly Wear A Mask

    Infographic Source

    The beauty of infographics is that they can grab attention in an instant and convey an important message with ease. There has perhaps been no greater need to be able to do this than now when it comes to educating people on how to protect themselves in the face of a pandemic.

    Wearing a mask may be easy to some, but to cover all of the important information in a traditional form would simply see people losing their attention. This infographic is a ‘boom’ straight in our faces and makes the dos and don’ts extremely obvious and clear. 

    Ge – Why Waste Energy On Wastewater?

    Infographic Source

    Did you ever think that a company could grab your attention by talking about wastewater? It may not be the most pleasant of subjects, but the message that GE wants to share is of extreme importance. Now, the company could have gone ahead and published an article, but who would want to read it? So, instead, they went for an infographic.

    The GE infographic contains key information on how wastewater can be harnessed to reduce our energy consumption. With graphics and figures, this is something that engages both sides of the reader’s brain. 

    My Fitness Pal – Nutrition 101

    Infographic Source

    Are you one of the many who are looking at shedding some Covid pounds? Perhaps you are just looking at trying to create a diet that is more balanced and healthy. My Fitness Pal knows that people like you and me need this information and an effective infographic will always contain information that solves a problem.

    This infographic is more digestible (pardon the pun) than reading walls of text on the subject. Here, My Fitness Pal presents the information that we all really need to know along with an image that makes us realise that this is a serious matter. 

    The New York Times – What 2000 Calories Look Like

    Infographic Source

    Another infographic looking to help us to lead a healthier life, this one from the New York Times is a bit of an eye-opener. We may have all heard about the calorie intake for a regular man/woman, but how many of us appreciated exactly what this meant? Well, with the help of this infographic we all do know.

    This infographic was so successful that it went viral in 2015. There is photographic detail allowing us all to see just what 2000 calories looks like along with a breakdown of key information.

    Linkedin – Content Marketing In Times Of Uncertainty 

    Infographic Source

    A second appearance by LinkedIn goes to show just how seriously this company takes infographics and how useful it believes them to be. LinkedIn knew that when times get tough people turn towards organisations as a source of information and news. This isn’t the type of content that all organisations are used to producing, so this handy infographic was a source of assistance to many.

    The text in this infographic is broken up in such a way as to avoid a wall of words. It is also great to see how LinkedIn continues to promote its brand by focusing on its key colours.

    The United Nations – The Sustainable Development Goals Report

    Infographic Source

    The UN perhaps isn’t known for producing the most engaging content. Annual reports and white papers hardly scream viral. The fact that even the UN has embraced this marketing tool shows that there is effectiveness in the method.

    The UN has taken yet another dry, although vitally important topic, and suddenly made it accessible. Would you have had the time to sit and digest a paper on this topic? Probably not. Could you glance at this infographic and come away informed? That is the beauty of them!

    Viziononline – Apple History Timeline

    Infographic Source

    Apple is a tech giant that is possibly loved and loathed in equal measure. Here is has become the subject of an infographic that charts its history and informs us of all of the products that have appeared along the way. 

    The way that this infographic is presented means that there is no need to read a single word to understand its subject matter. Images of Apple products from throughout the years make it immediately obvious and draws the reader in to learn more.

    Blue Mail Media – The Journey Of Oprah Winfrey

    Infographic Source

    Oprah has been thrust into the limelight following her recent interview with Harry and Meghan. Of course, even before this, she was one of the most famous, and powerful, women in the world. With such a status there comes an interest in where such a person comes from, their roots, their goals, and their demons.

    You could sit down and read a biography or two to gain a full picture. On the other hand, you could just view this infographic by Blue Mail Media. There is the prominence of blue here to match the brand, but other colours make the infographic attractive and engaging. This infographic is a great example of how a complex and long subject can be effectively condensed and presented in a fresh, exciting, way. 

    Infographics can be the icing on top of your marketing campaign cake. If done properly, they can be instantly recognisable and go viral very easily. If you want advice on creating an infographic or other copywriting services, get in touch with Content Conga today.