content marketing examples using infographics​

Content Marketing Examples Using Infographics

Infographics are big news in 2020, with over 27,000 searches on Google for the term to date. They are popular with consumers because they are easy to digest nuggets of information, presented in graphic form. In an era where we are hard-pressed for time, being able to see content quickly and easily is always going to be popular. If you are starting to think about your content marketing strategy for 2021, creating an infographic should be at the very top of your list.

If you need any convincing when it comes to why infographics work really well in digital content marketing campaigns, take a look at some of our favourite ones.

LinkedIn – A Well Balanced Blog


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We hark way back to 2014 with this beauty of an infographic when they were only just becoming ‘a thing’. LinkedIn knows exactly what makes a good blog post and now exactly what makes a good infographic, so combined the two for this unforgettable graphic.

We are all familiar with images and graphics showing us what makes up the perfect diet or plate of food, so LinkedIn took this concept and ran with it completely, exchanging the food for blog aspects. There are so many ‘how to create the perfect blog post’ posts out there, but the thematic approach to the subject made LinkedIn stand out in the crowd. It is a visual metaphor, communicating what can be fairly dull information. It looks great, it’s memorable and it presents the information perfectly. If Carlsberg made infographics…well, you know the rest. 

If the World Were 100 People

100 People

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There are many variations of this infographic, all very similar and all share the same information. It has also been adapted to suit different businesses and consumer needs – ‘if Facebook was 100 people’ and so on. It is an internationally recognised infographic, even with the slight variations. 

It is based on the 100 People project; a global initiative to represent every single community and person, and when there are more than 7.5 billion people, that’s a pretty enormous task. The best way to show this information is through graphic, which is what has been done multiple times.


Shelter End Letting Fees Campaign


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Shelter, the UK based homeless and housing charity release infographics frequently to illustrate their findings on the levels of homelessness and issues facing renters in the UK. All of their infographics are hard-hitting and as effective as each other; we are just pulling this one out as a clear example. 

The use of three simple colours – red, white and black is particularly striking. People have come to associate those colours with danger, stop and so on, which is exactly what Shelter was aiming to do. They are simple and to the point – and you don’t even need to read the text to see what information is being shown. 

Infographics can be the icing on top of your marketing campaign cake. If done properly, they can be instantly recognisable and go viral very easily. If you want advice on creating an infographic or other copywriting services, get in touch with Content Conga today.