Why You should use a Copywriting service

We are constantly told how quality content is essential for our websites. It keeps our site relevant, up-to-date, and optimised for SEO, which is what we need to rank highly on search engines. 

The problem is that while everyone can write, not everyone can write well – or not well enough to feature on their website. That’s ok – maybe your talent is with your website design or the fantastic product or service you have created. You are a business person; an entrepreneur, and that is where your talent lies. Or, maybe you are a decent writer, but when there are only 24 hours in a day and you are spending the vast majority of them trying to build up and run a business – as well as having some sort of life outside of work – you simply do not have the time to write great content for your site.

This is where professional copywriting services, such as the one offered by Content Conga come into their own.

Let’s take a look at some more of the reasons why you should use a copywriting service.

Time is money

Time is money

As we mentioned above, a lot of it comes down to time.  Creating a quality piece of content perfectly optimised for search engines can take a long time. While content is important, your time and skills could be put to better use elsewhere. While you are busy growing your business, an SEO copywriting service can write high-quality blog posts for your website.

Did you know? The average blog post takes two hours to write. Think of what you could achieve while Content Conga writers do the hard work for you.

Clarity and conciseness

Clarity and conciseness

Writing short, clear, and concise content can take more time than writing a long piece. You have to know when and where to stop, and for someone who is inexperienced in writing, that is a pretty difficult thing to do. Your audience doesn’t want to read pointless waffle. They want the necessary information presented to them and nothing else. A professional copywriter knows exactly how to do this.  

Did you know?  55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your web page, so it is vital to be able to get your message across in those first few sentences.

Writing with substance

Writing with substance

Copywriters will know how to write with elegance and style while still conveying the main message. Because research is an important part of the writing process, copywriters will learn about the topic in order to write engaging and eloquent copy for you. To learn more, a good copywriter will ask questions. They will examine your current marketing. They will conduct research and examine your competitors. They will also draw on their experience as a writer, as well as a consumer.

Did you know? 36% of marketers cite creating engaging content as one of their biggest challenges in marketing. They obviously need to get in touch with Content Conga!

Focused and targeted copy

Focused and targeted copy

Content doesn’t just mean blogs, product descriptions, and reports: copywriters will employ different techniques for different forms of copy. For example, search engine optimization (SEO) is a specific skill that requires training, or at least strong experience and knowledge of Google algorithms. 

Did you know? Twitter only allows you to use 240 characters. That’s little more than this fun fact to get your business message across to your followers and potential customers – and use relevant hashtags. #ContentConga

Persuasive, not pushy

Persuasive copy is essential when writing for the web. However, not everyone has the ability to create persuasive content that moves customers through the sales funnel without sounding like a used car salesperson. Copywriters understand the importance of creating persuasive content for their clients without simply relying on sales speech, as we all know how off-putting this can be to your readers. Because you lack the expertise to walk the fine line between being persuasive and sales-driven, your own content may come across as far too like a sales pitch for your readers. 

Did you know? 61% of people would be put off by a pushy sales post


Proofreading done right

No one is perfect and mistakes always happen. However, a copywriter will check their writing over and over again before the work is published or sent out to clients. A missing apostrophe, a typing error, or an errant comma is no match for a professional writer! Although copywriters will do most of the writing for your business, important client emails, proposals, and presentations are frequently written by other team members, so it is critical that these are reviewed by a copywriter before being sent out into the world.

Did you know? The average accuracy for a typist is 92%. That means that in 100 words, there will be around eight mistakes. 

They know how to generate organic traffic

Regularly creating content for your websites, such as blogs and social media, will increase organic traffic. Copywriters can help make sure that the copy on the website is alluring enough to keep visitors there and establish an interest in your services and products. 

Did you know? Merely publishing a post once a week, in conjunction with marketing across various social media platforms and outreach via email can increase traffic by more than 150%. 

Distance from the topic

Being too close to your industry may seem advantageous when it comes to creating copy, but it can actually be counterproductive. First and foremost, if you are too close to your industry, you may not realise how perplexing your jargon is to newcomers or those outside of it. Second, when writing about your own company and services, it can be difficult to remain objective. We all believe we can be until we don’t, and then we start questioning and doubting ourselves, which you don’t want to be reflected in your content.

Did you know? The optimal ratio is no more than one technical term for every ten words in the sentence

As you can see, hiring a copywriter service is a great idea for any business that wants to create excellent web copy. Putting your content in the hands of capable wordsmiths will help improve your copy and website, resulting in increased traffic and clients.