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The Difference Between Content Marketing And Copywriting

The Difference Between Content Marketing And Copywriting

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    If you have an online presence then you will have no doubt have an awareness of content marketing and copywriting. While people have heard of these, when it comes to copywriting vs content marketing, there are many who will struggle to describe the differences. Over time, the terms have become almost interchangeable amongst certain circles.

    So, is there really any difference between copywriting and content writing, or are they pretty much the same thing? The truth is that there are some key distinctions between the two and having an understanding of these will allow you to make the most of your online presence. 

    If you are like most people, the lines are somewhat blurred when it comes to copywriting vs content writing. It is difficult to see where one of these ends and the other begins. Being unable to see this makes it difficult for you to effectively implement either strategy. 

    In this article, we are going to explore these differences and look at the question “What is copywriting in marketing?” and how content marketing differs. Having a strategy that addresses both of these is what will ultimately lead to success with more eyes on your site and more sales being achieved. 

    What Is Content Marketing?

    What is Content Marketing

    In the debate around copywriting vs content marketing, we’re going to start by looking at the latter and what a content writer actually does. The key difference between copywriting and content writing is the reason that the writing is produced in the first place and how it is written to achieve its objectives.

    The objectives of a content writer are to produce written content that is engaging and relevant. All websites are made with an end-user in mind and the content produced will be targeting these users with high-quality information that really speaks to them.

    Content marketing also focuses on SEO (search engine optimisation). The writer will focus on keywords that are relevant to certain services or products. These keywords reflect what users actually type into Google when searching. By effectively using these keywords in the content that is produced, the aim is that the content will appear high up in the search results. 

    Content can be found all over the internet and it may appear in the form of:

    • Webpages 
    • Blog posts
    • Posts on social media
    • Infographics
    • Press releases
    • Emails
    • Optimised images 

    When it comes to producing content that really benefits your site, there is a fine balance between quantity and quality. You need to be producing sufficient content, in terms of the number of words used and the number of articles being published, but the quality of this needs to be outstanding.

    Google will rate the content based on its quality, how far it can be trusted, and if it has been produced by an expert. A content writer has the skills needed to ensure that what is produced ranks well in the eyes of Google. 

    What Is Copywriting In Marketing?

    A content copywriter has a different aim to a writer who is producing content alone. To put it on a very basic level, when considering the difference between copywriting and content writing, copywriting is about achieving a sale. 

    The style of writing is different to that found in content marketing. Copywriting is more precise, to the point, and aims to solve the problems of the reader. Copywriting will succinctly point towards the price of a product, but will also sell the features and the benefits to the reader. This information is presented so that the reader will go on and take an action. This could be to buy a product or service, sign up for a newsletter, provide details to receive a free gift (and so enter your marketing funnel). 

    The places that you are likely to find examples of copywriting are:

    • Pages of websites
    • Paid for adverts 
    • Company brochures
    • Product pages/descriptions 
    • Landing pages

    A content marketing copywriter will use different language, and a different tone, to that used in content marketing. Content marketing, as well as aiming to bring a boost in the search engines, aims to educate, entertain, and inform readers. Copywriting is all about pushing for a specific action and achieving the very best in conversions. 

    Is Copywriting Part Of Content Marketing?

    Copywriting is an integral part of content marketing. Content marketing involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a specific target audience. Copywriting, on the other hand, focuses on crafting persuasive and compelling copy that prompts action from the audience. It involves skillfully using words, language, and storytelling techniques to convey the message effectively, evoke emotions, and drive desired behaviors, such as making a purchase, subscribing, or sharing the content. Whether it’s a blog post, social media caption, email newsletter, or landing page, copywriting plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of the audience, conveying the value proposition, and influencing their decision-making process. Well-crafted copy can enhance brand perception, build trust, and drive conversions. Therefore, copywriting is an essential component of content marketing, working hand in hand to create impactful and effective marketing campaigns.

    What Is The Difference Between Content And Copy?

    Content and copy are two different types of writing with distinct purposes and goals. Content refers to any informational or educational material created to provide value to the reader or audience. It can take many forms, such as blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, and social media posts, among others. The primary aim of content is to educate, entertain, or inform the audience, often with the ultimate goal of building brand awareness, establishing thought leadership, or driving traffic and engagement.

    Copy, on the other hand, is specifically crafted to persuade the reader or audience to take a particular action. It is promotional in nature and designed to convert readers into customers or subscribers. Copy can take many forms, such as product descriptions, email marketing, landing pages, advertisements, and sales pages. The primary goal of copy is to persuade the reader to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or filling out a form.

    In summary, content is designed to provide value to the audience, while copy is crafted to persuade them to take a specific action. While both types of writing are important in marketing, content and copy serve different purposes and require distinct approaches to achieve their goals.

    Copywriting Vs Content Marketing

    Copywriting vs Content Marketing 

    Having looked at each of these separately, it is worth taking a moment to carry out a direct comparison between copywriting vs content marketing. In short, the first is about achieving sales while the second is focused on informing as well as boosting search engine results.

    A skilled content writer is just as valuable as a copywriter to a business. While these writers will help your content to be found, what they produce will also go towards building your brand. The likes of blog posts offer a real opportunity for you to deliver content that your readers really want to see. By addressing common issues that your audience faces, and offering some free solutions, you build your levels of trustworthiness and you begin to be seen as an expert.

    Achieving expert status can go on to give your content a real boost in the eyes of Google and help you to grow your audience even more. If you combine this with an effective backlinking strategy, ensuring that you are linking to high DA sites, Google will have more confidence in your content and will push you towards the top of the search results. 

    A content marketing copywriter is effectively a content writer who has mastered the ability to drive sales. They are accomplished content writers and can still produce amazing blog posts, but those that focus on driving conversions. This form of writing is still Google-friendly and will rank well, but once it is seen by an audience, that audience will be compelled to act. 

    Copywriting Vs Content Writing – How Do I Choose?

    Having looked at copywriting vs content writing, you may be wondering what it actually is that you need for your site and how you decide between the two. Do you need to be hiring a content writer, a copywriter, or both? The truth is that there is no need to choose. 

    What you need is a content marketing copywriter: someone is capable of producing killer copy but is also skilled in content marketing. As we have seen, a copywriter is a content writer who has gone on to hone their skills so that they can produce content that is more persuasive. 

    If you are looking at using a content writer just to produce the likes of blog posts to inform your customers then this is all well and good. The benefits of great content are clear. The problem is that you are missing a trick if this is all that you are trying to achieve with your content. You should still be able to create engaging content that is optimised to make sales. By including a simple call to action, you can ensure that your content goes on to convert and bring you sales.

    In just the same way that using content marketing in isolation has its drawbacks, you can see the same with copywriting. If all of the content that you produce is focused on sales and sales alone then you will lose your audience. No one likes to be consistently sold to. You need to be adding value as well. Bringing content marketing and copywriting together sees you educating your audience, growing your brand, and achieving sales. 

    How To Use Copywriting In Your Marketing

    How to use Copywriting

    Having read as far as you have now, you can see that, although there are differences in copywriting vs content marketing, the two work hand in hand together. One without the other is unlikely to achieve the results that you are really looking for. With that in mind, it is worth looking at some top tips that you can use to give your content marketing strategy a real boost:

    Know Your Audience

    It may sound obvious but if you are going to use a content copywriter then you need to ensure that you know who they are targeting with the content that they produce. It is far too easy to think that there are billions of internet users and so you are just going after as many as is possible. This will lead to a failed campaign and a poor ROI (return on investment). Putting in the work to identify your target audience means that you are only going after those who are wanting to know what you have to say.

    Aim To Solve A Problem

    If you want your content to be read, and shared, then you need to make sure that it is solving a problem. You can find potential problems by using the search facility on Google. By typing “How to” followed by things specific to your sector, Google will show suggestions based on what people are already searching for. If you position yourself as the company answering these questions with your content then you will be known as the experts.

    Have An Offering

    Where a content copywriter excels is by producing great content that provides value, but at the same time spurs on an action. You may have heard that one of the most valuable assets that a business can possess is an email list. In order for this to be effective, you obviously need email addresses. A great writer can create copy that persuades a reader to leave their details in exchange for something that is ‘free’. It is worth looking at producing an ebook or even a simple document containing tips that will see someone willing to leave their details with you.

    Make Your Content Stand Out

    When looking at the sheer amount of content that exists on the internet, you need to make sure that yours is enhanced in a way that makes it stand out from the crowd. This can be achieved by using great images and videos within your content.

    Copywriting Vs Content Marketing – What To Avoid

    Now that you can answer the question “What is copywriting in marketing?” it is worth looking at some of the things that should be avoided. When looking at copywriting vs content marketing, they both have key things that should be given attention:


    A content copywriter will see you using an attention-grabbing headline. A poor use of headlines and titles means that people are unlikely to click on your content in the first place. Work on your headlines and avoid anything that comes across as potentially boring.

    Lacking A Call To Action

    We have seen that a content copywriter combines the best of both worlds – content that is engaging but also converts. Any content that you decide to publish should have a clear call to action. It should be obvious what you want your reader to do next and it should be beyond easy for them to do it.

    Overusing Keywords

    For content to rank, you need to ensure that you are targeting relevant keywords. However, keyword stuffing will see your content suffer. For one, it will not be reader-friendly. Secondly, Goggle will not view it favourably.

    Sales Overkill

    Yes, copy needs to sell but if what you publish is too sales-y, you will find that you lose your audience. As we have seen, you need to be adding value and balancing this with a sales message. This is what leads to the best conversion rates.

    Copywriting Vs Content Marketing – Who To Hire

    You already know how valuable content is to your website and overall web presence. Hopefully you now also understand the importance of using effective copy so that your content leads to conversions and, ultimately sales. The best way to achieve this is to hire a content marketing copywriter.

    At Content Conga, we can produce engaging content no matter what sector you operate in. Our content brings value to your readers as well as driving sales over the long term. If you want to see what an expert content copywriter can do for your business, get in touch today.