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What are basic copywriting skills​

What Are Basic Copywriting Skills?

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    There’s no doubt that, as a business owner or marketer, you’re more than capable of forming a sentence. You can write at a competent level and you’re confident in the fact that your message can be understood. However, this kind of writing is very different to that of a copywriter. If you’ve ever pondered on the question “What are basic copywriting skills?”, then we’re here to help.

    A copywriter has the ability to be authentic and effective when conveying a message. The writing connects with a reader in a way that generates curiosity and engagement as well as spurs them on to take action. Copywriters don’t achieve this by chance: they do it by honing their skills over time and by being great at their job.

    Copywriting: An Undervalued Art

    Copywriting: an undervalued art

    If you were to stop to think about creative roles you’d probably consider the likes of graphic designers and web developers. Generally, the role of a copywriter is not the one that comes to the forefront of someone’s mind. However, the truth is that copywriting is the perfect balance between art and skill.

    When considering “What are basic copywriting skills?”, the reality is that these go way beyond a grasp of the written word. What is needed is the ability to create something unique and impactful. When it comes to marketing, there are two sides: technical ability and artistic Flair. Copywriting encompasses both of these. 

    Let’s be honest, practically anyone could claim to be a copywriter. That’s because anyone can simply sit at their computer and churn out 1,000 words on a set topic. The thing is, writing 1,000 words is the easy part. The difficult part is ensuring that what’s created is readable, unique factual and engaging. That gives a snapshot of some of the basic skills that a copywriter needs, but let’s look at these in more detail.

    What Are The 6 Core Copywriting Skills?

    While different sources may present varying lists of core copywriting skills, here are six key skills commonly associated with effective copywriting:

    1. Writing Proficiency: A solid foundation in writing is essential, including grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and vocabulary. Strong writing skills enable copywriters to convey their ideas clearly, concisely, and persuasively.
    2. Creativity: Copywriters need to think creatively to develop unique and engaging content. They must be able to generate innovative ideas, craft compelling messages, and find fresh angles that capture the attention and imagination of the target audience.
    3. Research Abilities: Copywriters should have strong research skills to gather relevant information about the product, industry, target audience, and competitors. Thorough research enables them to understand customer needs, identify key selling points, and tailor their copy to effectively address the audience’s concerns and desires.
    4. Audience Understanding: Successful copywriters have a deep understanding of the target audience. They must be able to empathize with their needs, motivations, and pain points to create content that resonates and compels them to take action. Analyzing demographics, psychographics, and market trends helps in crafting targeted and persuasive copy.
    5. Strategic Thinking: Copywriters need to think strategically to align their content with the marketing goals of the business. They must consider the intended outcome, the desired brand positioning, and the specific call-to-action they want readers to take. Strategic thinking ensures that copy is aligned with the overall marketing strategy and drives the desired results.
    6. Adaptability: Copywriters should be versatile and adaptable to different mediums and formats. They must be able to write for various platforms, such as websites, social media, emails, advertisements, and print materials. Adapting their writing style and tone to suit different contexts and target audiences is crucial for effective communication.

    These six core skills provide a foundation for successful copywriting, allowing professionals to create engaging, persuasive, and impactful content that achieves the desired goals of the business.

    Why Type Of Copywriting Is Easiest?

    The ease of copywriting can vary depending on individual strengths, preferences, and experience. However, for many aspiring copywriters, starting with short-form copywriting, such as social media posts or PPC (pay-per-click) ads, may be considered relatively easier. These formats typically involve crafting concise and attention-grabbing messages within limited word counts. Short-form copywriting allows for focused messaging, making it more manageable to convey key points and call-to-action effectively. Additionally, the quick turnaround time and ability to experiment with different approaches make it accessible for beginners to practice and refine their copywriting skills. However, it’s important to note that the ease of copywriting can be subjective, and as copywriters gain experience and explore different formats, they may find their own unique strengths and preferences.

    Is Copywriting Hard To Learn?

    Copywriting can be challenging to learn due to the combination of various skills it encompasses. It requires not only a solid grasp of writing fundamentals but also the ability to think strategically, understand target audiences, and craft persuasive messages. Learning to write compelling copy takes time, practice, and dedication. It involves studying successful examples, analyzing consumer psychology, and staying updated on industry trends. Additionally, developing a unique writing style and voice requires experimentation and continuous refinement. While copywriting may present a learning curve, with persistence and a willingness to learn, individuals can acquire the necessary skills and techniques to become proficient copywriters.

    The Basic Copywriting Skills

    So, if you’re looking for a copywriter to help to drive your business forward, you’re going to need an answer to the question “What are basic copywriting skills?”. We’re going to take a look at these now:

    Writing Skills

    Writing skills

    Okay, so this one perhaps isn’t a great surprise but, yes, a copywriter does need to possess writing skills. While many would think that these skills are all about spelling and grammar, that’s simply not the case. An effective copywriter needs the skill to compose a piece that’s engaging, concise and coherent. Simply churning out word after word is not enough as all that leads to is waffle.

    You’ll find that a good copywriter has the ability to introduce varying elements to their writing. These include:

    Using these tools ensures that any copy takes the reader on a journey. One that’s insightful but also easy to digest.

    Attention To Detail

    When looking at “What are basic copywriting skills?” there is a need to consider attention to detail. When you stop to think about this, it may appear that it simply links to the first point above. After all, attention to detail means that spelling and grammar are all correct. However, there is more to paying attention to detail than just this.

    Paying attention to detail means things like:

    • Choosing the right words for the desired tone
    • Avoiding the repetition of words (unless this is being done for effect)
    • Consistent formatting
    • Not continually switching tense in the same sentence/paragraph


    As we mentioned a little earlier, copywriting is a form of art in some respects. That means that any successful copywriter needs to have a degree of creativity. It is this creativity that takes what could be a dry subject and turns it into something that people will want to read. Ultimately, the reader becomes so engaged that they go on to become a customer.

    The creative process starts way before a copywriter starts to type that opening line. They’ll be given a brief, a list of keywords and guidance as to what tone is desired. From here, the copywriter needs to carry out research and then brainstorm. The creative process is what leads to a piece that stands out from the countless others that exist.

    The Ability To Communicate 

    When looking at “What are basic copywriting skills?”, the area of communication is a vital one. The thing here is that copywriting is not a solo activity. A writer will be possibly working with an editor before a piece is sent your way. There is, of course, also the need to communicate effectively with you, the client. 

    Copywriting is subjective. There’s a very good chance that when an editor or client reviews a piece, they may be looking at things from a different perspective. A great copywriter is able to communicate their thought process so that everyone is on the same page. Just as importantly, they can take constructive feedback on board.

    Research Skills

    Research Skills

    A copywriter could be writing about online gambling one day and cosmetic surgery the next. The reality is that they could be tasked with writing about any topic. The only way that this can be done is with the ability to research effectively.  In fact, research skills are perhaps the most important that a copywriter possess as this is what allows them to produce something that is 100% factually correct.

    There are times when the research may take longer than the writing. Highly specialised areas can be particularly demanding and time-consuming. This is where communication skills come back into play: a great copywriter will never have an issue with asking questions to ensure that they fully understand a topic.

    An Awareness Of SEO

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an integral part of copywriting. When it comes to looking at “What are basic copywriting skills?”, you should expect your writer of choice to have at least basic knowledge in this area. While understanding what keywords are is a first step, this on its own isn’t enough.

    Google, and other search engines, are clever beasts. They recognise when you’re simply peppering keywords throughout a piece. A good copywriter ensures that keywords are used correctly. They are integrated in a way that makes sense so that the focus is on the reader, not Google. 


    A basic, yet vital, skill that any copywriter needs to possess is of being highly versatile. A great copywriter can turn their hand to long-form pieces, engaging emails and even snappy social media posts. They have the ability to work across a number of platforms and to write in several styles.

    A major part of versatility is writing in a particular tone. You may have an idea for a piece where you want it to be serious and educational. Other times, you may be looking for something that’s sales driven. There may even be times when you’re wanting something fun and almost playful. An effective copywriter can achieve all of this and more. 

    The Ability To Craft Headings 

    Something that’s a little worrying to know is that people don’t really read on the internet. That being the case, you may wonder what the point of using a copywriter is. Well, a skilled copywriter has the ability to draw a reader in and get them interested. Research suggests that 80% of internet users will simply scan the headings and subheadings of a piece. This can be used to your advantage.

    A great copywriter can write headings and subheadings that garner interest. They spark a curiosity in the reader and they feel compelled to go beyond the headline.

    An Understanding Of Content Marketing

    If you’re looking for more answers to the question, “What are basic copywriting skills?”, then this is yet another. For a copywriter to be truly effective, they need to understand the role that their copy plays in a wider marketing strategy. Having this understanding assists when it comes to writing that has a greater impact and is generally much more effective.

    There is no need for a copywriter to be an expert in all things marketing. There just needs to be an appreciation of the bigger picture.


    Not necessarily a skill as such, but a copywriter does need to have an abundance of curiosity. There needs to be a desire to learn more and explore new experiences. Without this, copy soon becomes dry and the same old same old pieces are churned out again and again.

    A great copywriter will never allow this to happen. They will constantly be learning and expanding their knowledge and this will shine through in what they deliver.

    Beyond The Basics 

    All that we have done is take a look at the most basic skills that go into copywriting. These are simply the foundations on which everything else is built. If you want a copywriter that can really deliver for your business, they need to exceed these basic skill requirements.

    At Content Conga, our copywriters have it all. Need convincing? Why not get in touch to find out more?