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Top Logo Designs Trends in 2023

Top Logo Designs Trends in 2023

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    A logo is a crucial part of a brand’s image and identity. It is so much more than an attractive graphic on business websites and stationery. No, it is an element that is responsible for communicating brand value, ethos and personality. It is the symbol of the brand and is what makes it instantly recognisable. 

    If you are looking for logo design inspiration, look no further. We have done some research and found out what is leading the trend in 2022 when it comes to logo design. Some are developments on trends from the past, while others are innovative choices that are sure to catch the public eye along with the well-written and engaging content on your business blog. Let’s take a look!


    Design Gradients

    Gradients have become incredibly popular in recent times. They give a logo a 3D effect, allowing the graphic to almost ‘pop’ out of the screen, which is a really modern look. These are better for online business; they are much harder to create the same effect when printed out and are also more effective for creative industries. 

    When opting for a gradient in your logo, remember that less is more. Too much can make it look too intense and confusing to the eye. Instead, stick to just the symbol or monogram rather than text and background. Think of Instagram, Asana and the new Facebook Messenger logos as inspiration for good use of gradient.

    Thin lines

    thin lines

    Minimalism has been around for many years in the world of logo design, but it is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. We have seen it in terms of colour – especially when it comes to the use of monochrome colour – and composition, but now it is manifesting itself in the form of linear elements and shapes.

    Thin lines are simple and powerful. Straight lines, in particular, are thought to impart professionalism and efficiency, although if combined with cold colours such as blues and greys, they can be a little cold and uninviting, so add touches of warmth with colour and positioning.


    monogram design

    This style has been adopted over years by luxury fashion brands, Chanel and Louis Vuitton being two of the most identifiable. They work really well in global markets, particularly when it comes to brands with harder to pronounce or longer names as they are instantly recognisable and often become an acronym for the brand name.

    Negative space

    negative space design

    Negative space has always been a popular choice when it comes to logo design and that’s because it just works. It allows you to work with what is already in your space without adding more elements and overcrowding it. It’s also a superb way of adding an extra layer of meaning – just think of the arrow hidden in the FedEx logo to symbolise speed and efficiency, or the Toblerone logo with the mountain and the hidden bear.

    Stained Glass

    Stained Glass Designs

    The use of logos is a relatively new concept and with that being the case, inspiration is often found from the past. Stained glass windows were originally a use of show. They demonstrated the power of the church and was a way of showing stories in a colourful and eye-catching way. The fact that a stained glass window could capture the imagination and relay a whole story, it makes sense that this could be used for logos.

    Applying stained glass to modern designs creates an almost abstract look. With stained glass being associated with churches, logos that follow this design provide a feeling of sanctuary, peace, and calm. 

    Simplistic Geometry

    Simplistic Geometry Design

    When it comes to any logo design, or even drawing in general, basic shapes are the building blocks. Simple triangles, squares, and rectangles are used as building blocks to build up an image. Once the image has been completed, these basic building blocks can usually no longer be seen. What designers are realising is that the simplicity itself can allow for some fantastic looking logos.

    Logos are being designed in 2022 that are harnessing the simplicity of basic shapes. The use of shapes that are not overwhelming allows designers to then fully explore extreme colours which may come across as ‘too much’ with a more complex design. 

    Divergent Letters

    Rather than taking advantage of images or pictures, logos in 2022 have turned to making the best impression possible from the typeface that has been chosen. These types of logos are popular as they make the name of the company memorable – the logo is based on the name of the company itself so this is bound to be the case. Whereas once over these types of logos may have been seen as a little restrictive, designers are experimenting with these ideas and creating something new.

    There are letters that are more exaggerated than others, those with a different colour, or those that seem to break all of the rules of a specific typeface. These draw attention to a specific letter as well as making the whole word memorable.


    When it comes to creating a brand that can be trusted it needs to have a personal touch. This isn’t just about how customers are treated. More, it is about customers feeling that they know the brand, who is behind it, and what it stands for. Abstract logos do little to add to this. This has seen logo designers moving towards using faces as part of a logo.

    These logos could be simple line drawn representations or something much more complex. Regardless of how they are produced, these logos provide that personable feel that customers are seeking. 


    There is research that suggests that the most attractive people in the world have symmetry to thank for their attractiveness. There is something that we recognise subconsciously that resonates with us when we see that someone has a face that has pristine symmetry. If this applies to the human face, it makes sense that it also applies to anything else, including logos.

    A logo with pristine symmetry requires strong lines. This gives a sense of order and in some respect control, and safety. This type of logo would be ideal for companies that are trying to inspire confidence such as security firms and the like.

    Cartoon Based

    Whereas a logo based on a portrait can create the personable experience that consumers are seeking, a cartoon style one can create an element of fun. 2022 has been a year full of challenges and the ability to inject a bit of fun here and there is something that can only be welcomed. 

    While perfect symmetry can show strength and reassurance, a cartoon logo can put people at ease and play in humour. There are no restrictions on what these logos can contain and characters can be as outlandish as your imagination allows for. 

    A Modern Twist On Symbols

    Strong logos that are instantly recognisable contain images and symbols that can be traced back over thousands of years. There are logos that contain the likes of the Phoenix, goddesses, and the famed all-seeing eye. These symbols are able to communicate a message as, at their heart, there is simplicity.

    Logo designers in 2022 are seeking to repeat what symbols of old have achieved. The use of symbols leads to an association between what a symbol represents and what a company stands for. A strong and bold message can be delivered in a relatively simplistic way. 

    A feeling of movement

    Animated logos were once extremely popular. This issue with these is that, although they may look great online, they do not translate well offline. A business card, a shop front, or a vehicle wrap stand to receive no benefit from a logo that is animated. Logo designers can see the benefit of a logo that moves and so in 2022 have been looking for ways to achieve the same effect with a static image. 

    This is being achieved by using unique shapes along with splatters of colour. The result is a logo that appears to be living and evolving. That is not a bad thing to be associated with your business!

    Analogous Colour Schemes

    Logo trends and designs change on an annual basis. That being said, there are certain designs that remain almost classic and timeless. Whereas tastes may vary when it comes to experimenting with bright, bold, and almost revolutionary colour schemes, sticking to analogous colour schemes are a safer bet.

    This sees designers pairing colours that are adjacent on the colour wheel. The idea behind this is that by bringing the colours together, you add a feeling of harmony. Colour is a vital part of any logo design as it can trigger a whole host of emotions and responses. A harmonious one can only be a positive result.

    Flat Designs

    In some respects, logo design has come full circle in 2022. There was once a time when flat designs were the thing, but then there was a move towards 3D images. A flat design avoids trying to add any depth to shapes and there are no extra dimensions. The simplicity of these designs has seen them make a comeback.

    The flat designs are simple and clutter-free. With 3D designs, there is unnecessary detail added to try and create an effect. These logos avoid this. The great thing about these logos is that they are easy to replicate and use online as well as offline. 

    Artistic Chaos

    This is a logo trend that can bring some truly phenomenal results, but in our mind, you need to be a little brave before you let your logo designer run wild with this. Artistic chaos is basically asserting that there are no rules. A designer is able to run free and experiment to their heart’s content. There are no rules around fonts, colours, or anything else.

    While this trend can produce some feel-good results, you need to ensure that your designer keeps your logo readable. Experimenting is all well and good, but your logo still has a message to convey to your audience.

    Nature Themes

    With the proceeding chaos, nature-themed logos bring a sense of calm and harmony. Incorporating anything that relates to nature into a logo is a popular trend in 2022 and one that has been used to great effect. Beyond the calmness, any hint of nature suggests that your brand cares about the environment too.

    With politicians in a bitter row over global warming and with large organisations keen to be seen as doing their bit, a splash of nature in your logo can deliver the right message. Of course, a logo alone will not give you green credentials and it should not be used to mislead. It is however a great way to signal to customers that your company does truly care. 

    2023 Is A Great Year For Logo Design

    After a couple of years of what can only be described as doom and gloom, logo designs in 2022 present a great opportunity. Tapping into this year’s trends can see you getting off to a flying start when it comes to establishing a new company. On the other hand, logo designers in 2022 can also allow you to approach a rebrand and inject a new lease of life into your existing company.

    Of course, trends come and go with logos in the same way that they do with everything else. The positive to be taken from the trends in 2022 is that many of these steer away from being revolutionary and go towards the traditional and timeless. Now is the time to revisit your logo and to use a new one to retell your company story.

    Of course, a great logo, even if it incorporates one of the above trends, is not going to make a successful business by itself. It is part of your brand identity, which is supported by your website content, social media and customer service.