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How much do copywriting services cost​

How Much Do Copywriting Services Cost?

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    If you’ve recognised the need for a professional copywriter for your business, then there’s a good chance that you have one burning questing: “How much do copywriting services cost?”. The truth is that there is not a single answer to this question. As you look from company to company you’ll find that the fees charged vary hugely.

    What Is The Value In Hiring A Copywriting Service?

    Hiring a professional copywriter brings significant value to businesses. Effective copywriting can persuade potential customers to buy your product or service, thus improving sales. In addition, a copywriter can help define and refine your brand’s voice, ensuring consistency across all communication channels, which helps build brand recognition and trust. A copywriter with SEO knowledge can also boost your website’s visibility on search engines, leading to increased web traffic and higher conversion rates.

    Moreover, by hiring a professional, you and your team can focus on other business aspects, improving time efficiency. A good copywriter knows how to create engaging content that keeps your audience interested, fostering customer loyalty. Lastly, professionally written copy enhances your company’s credibility, as it ensures your message is clear, concise, and error-free, significantly impacting the impression you make on potential customers. In essence, investing in a professional copywriter can result in a stronger brand image and increased revenue.

    In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the cost of copywriting services. We’re going to explore the range of charges that you may come across as well as look at what goes into justifying those fees. The thing to remember here is that copywriting services form part of your marketing budget and you should be demanding a return on your investment.

    The In-House Copywriting Option

    The in-house copywriting option

    The decision to use a copywriter may lead to you exploring employing someone in-house. It could be that you need a single writer, or you may find yourself needing a team. The benefits of in-house writers are that you’re in control. You can oversee just what they’re doing and, if you choose, you can even get a little hands-on at times.

    When looking at, “How much do copywriting services cost?”, the average salary for a copywriter in the UK is between £65,000 and £91,000. While you can expect a value for money, this isn’t a price point that all businesses can meet. If you’re only using a copywriter on an occasional basis, it soon becomes difficult to justify committing to this spend. 

    The Outsourcing Solution 

    Many businesses find there are numerous benefits to outsourcing their copywriting needs. When this approach is taken, businesses find that they have a greater degree of flexibility and they’re only paying when they have a live project.

    It’s common for businesses to form great working relationships with their copywriting company of choice. The writers get to know your business in an amazing degree of detail, and they write about it with passion. They become an extension of your in-house staff and you know that you can trust and rely on them. When you’re looking at outsourcing these tasks, the question, “How much do copywriting services cost?”, gets a little more complicated. That’s because the answer is often, “It depends”.

    What Impacts The Cost Of Copywriting Services?

    What impacts the cost of copywriting services

    It’s worth bearing in mind that there is more to copywriting than just writing. When using the services of a copywriter, you are tapping into their expertise and experience. As well as high levels of skill, these writers also have a dose of creativity and it’s this flare that can make all the difference.

    Now, you can visit sites such as Fiverr to hire a copywriter and you can find yourself being charged next to nothing for 1,000 words +. Guess what though? The quality is highly unlikely to meet the mark and you’ll end up paying again. Of course, there are great writers on these sites, but you need to expect to pay more than £5 for them.

    When businesses are seeking answers to, “How much do copywriting services cost?”, they need to question themselves. Are they looking for the best that their business can get or are they just looking for the cheapest option?

    The Biggest Misconception

    When mulling over what it might cost to hire the services of a copywriter, there is one misconception that is come across more than any other. People are seeking short articles of just a few hundred words. They believe that these articles are easy, don’t take long and so won’t cost very much.

    The reality is that these short pieces can often be harder to craft than longer copy. They certainly take the same time to plan as longer copy and they require a particular skill set to pull off. Yes, you can pat next to nothing for a few hundred words but, in truth, the results you’ll be given will be lacking.

    Pricing Packages To Be Wary Of

    At Content Conga, we have always been transparent with our pricing. When it comes to looking at, “How much do copywriting services cost?”, we have a straightforward approach that is clear for everyone to see. With one price, we ensure that we offer great value and provide every client with the very best. Not all copywriting companies work like this.

    If you head over to competitor sites, there’s a very good chance that you’ll notice a tiered approach to pricing. You pay one price for a bronze-level writer while you pay a lot more for a gold-level one. It never really made sense to us. Why would a company offer a sub-standard service at a bargain basement price when they know that it doesn’t hit the mark? The reality is, if you’re serious about your business, you need to pay for a gold writer anyway. 

    What Are You Paying For With A Copywriting Service?

    When you look at the cost of copywriting services, you’re paying for more than just the words that appear as the end result. Here’s a look at just some of what goes into producing great copy and why it’s worth paying for:


    The truth is that writing is often the fastest part of the process. Long before a copywriter writes their first word, they turn to their research skills. While a writer may have great experience in some areas, they understand that they never know it all. They take the time to understand just what you’re seeking and learn everything that they can about your sector. When they understand your sector, they turn their attention to your business in particular so that they can see how it fits in. 

    Planning A Structure

    With research in hand, a copywriter will then consider the structure that your copy will take. While a great headline is a must, there is more that a copywriter needs to consider. How users read web content means that the structure really matters. With the majority of readers only scanning, there is the need for appealing subheadings, bullet points, bolding and other tools that grab the reader’s attention. 

    Tone Of Voice

    It could be that you’ve approached a copywriter and informed them of the tone of voice that you want your copy to hit. When this is the case, a writer will turn to any existing content that you may have so that they can be sure of matching your tone. If you’re not sure of the tone that you want to achieve, a great copywriter will work their magic to provide one.

    The right tone is vital when it comes to creating a brand and giving this brand a voice. It’s what makes your business stand out and what keeps customers coming back. A gifted copywriter can produce copy with just the right tone. 

    A Creative Streak

    If you want something that can just churn out words then you may want to consider exploring the artificial intelligence (AI) tools that exist. The thing with AI is that it has no real understanding of the words that it produces. Based on a question, it searches every single piece of information on the internet and then regurgitates it. Yes, it’s readable but what it lacks is creativity. With a copywriter, you’re paying for the ideas that they have and how they bring an extra dimension to what they produce.


    Once a copywriter has produced their work, they don’t just fire it over to you. They will take the time to proofread the copy to ensure that it’s free from mistakes. This part of the process isn’t just about identifying issues with grammar and spelling. There are times when a copywriter needs to take a step back and then review what they’ve produced. This allows the writer to take a look at their work with fresh eyes and to ensure that they’re only sending you their very best. 

    SEO Input

    When considering, “How much do copywriting services cost?”, it’s worth bearing in mind that good writers will also have knowledge of search engine optimisation. This means that they are able to weave in keywords and help to improve your rankings.

    The Ability To Write In A Number Of Formats 

    When looking at copywriting services, you’re looking for writers who are talented and can deliver in a variety of ways. Whether it’s an email marketing campaign, a killer landing page or a product description you can be sure that a copywriter adds real value. 

    Final Thoughts 

    When looking at the cost of copywriting services, you should never sacrifice the quality of the copy that you receive. Poor copy achieves nothing other than portraying your business in a poor light. In some cases, it may well be better to have no copy at all.

    At Content Conga, our prices are clear for all to see. Our five-star reviews are testament to the fact that we deliver the very best to all of our clients. If you’re looking to hire copywriters who deliver, get in touch today.