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Is Copywriting Just Writing?

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    If you ever stopped to ponder just what copywriting is, how far did you manage to get? There are plenty of businesses out there that mull over using a copywriter but then decide to go on and do the work themselves. Why? Well, they feel that copywriting is just writing and that’s something that they’re more than capable of.

    It’s true, almost every single customer of a copywriting company is capable of writing. They can write at an adult level and they understand their business unlike anyone else. However, there is so much more to copywriting than this.

    We’d gamble on the fact that you’re more than capable of producing a company brochure. We’d be confident in saying that it would be intelligently written and that you’d know what you were talking about. However, what would the impact of that brochure really be? Would the recipient simply flick through the pages before quickly getting on with more important tasks or would the read and go ‘Wow’? The latter reaction is the one that a copywriter will induce. A copywriter isn’t there to use fancy words or to act as an editor. Instead, they exist to create engaging and compelling content that stirs emotions

    Is Copywriting The Same As Writing?

    Copywriting vs. writing

    When considering the question “Is copywriting just writing?” there’s a need to have a deeper understanding of just what the former involves. If you look at copywriting at a very basic level, it’s about talking to a potential customer and saying, “Please take a look at what I’ve got for sale and buy it”. What a copywriter will do with that extremely basic message is to tailor it so that it appeals to a target audience and all of their pain points.

    A copywriter has the skills and ability to find the right words. These words don’t need to be fancy or complex. They just need to convey the right message that makes your brand relevant to people in the context of their lives.

    It’s understandable that businesses may hesitate so that they can consider the reasons to use a copywriter. After all, on average, businesses spend around 10% of their entire revenue on marketing and they need to be sure that this spend is giving real value. However, just as a company will happily accept that they need graphic designers, web designers and a host of other specialists, there needs to be the recognition that copywriting is a valuable skill too.

    Is Copywriting A Technical Skill?

    Copywriting is both an art and a technical skill. While it requires creativity and a deep understanding of consumer psychology, it also involves mastering the technical aspects of writing effective and persuasive content. A skilled copywriter must possess a strong command of language, grammar, and syntax to ensure clarity and coherence in their writing. They should be adept at structuring information, employing persuasive techniques, and adapting their writing style to different platforms and target audiences. Additionally, copywriters often need to stay updated on SEO strategies and digital marketing trends to optimize their content for search engines and drive organic traffic. The fusion of creativity and technical expertise makes copywriting a unique and valuable skillset in the realm of marketing and communication.

    Can Copywriting Be Self Taught?

    Copywriting can certainly be self-taught, as many successful copywriters have developed their skills through independent learning and practice. With abundant online resources, books, courses, and industry examples available, aspiring copywriters can immerse themselves in the craft and learn the essential principles of effective copywriting. Self-teaching requires dedication, curiosity, and a willingness to continuously improve. By studying successful copy, experimenting with different writing styles, and seeking feedback from peers or mentors, individuals can develop their copywriting abilities over time. However, while self-teaching is possible, formal education or mentorship can provide structured guidance and accelerate the learning process by offering professional insights, practical exercises, and access to industry expertise. Ultimately, a combination of self-study and continuous learning opportunities can equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of copywriting.

    Does Copywriting Require Creativity?

    Copywriting absolutely requires creativity as a core component of its success. Creativity allows copywriters to craft unique, engaging, and memorable content that captures the attention of the audience. A creative copywriter can think outside the box, coming up with fresh ideas, compelling angles, and innovative approaches to effectively communicate a brand’s message. They have the ability to transform mundane information into captivating narratives, leveraging creative techniques such as storytelling, wordplay, and emotional appeal. By infusing creativity into their writing, copywriters can make a lasting impression, evoke emotions, and inspire action, ultimately driving the desired results for businesses.

    The Biggest Misconceptions When It Comes To Copywriting

    While a glossary of copywriting terms can help to answer the question, “Is copywriting just writing?” this doesn’t allow for a full look at the differences between the two. When people are unaware of the differences, it leads to a host of misconceptions coming into play. Some of the most common of these include:

    All A Copywriter Does Is Write

    If you take on the services of an average copywriter, you may well find that they have the capability to produce the copy that your business needs. If you provide them with some titles, and signposts to information, they’ll compose a piece that’s at a great standard. However, if you seek copywriters who are more than average, you’ll find that they do more than just write.

    A great copywriter will be able to offer you advice and guidance, based on their experience. They will be able to suggest the copy and content that needs producing and they can also help you to decide how frequently you should be releasing new copy. While writing alone will still bring benefits, these extras mean that your business is given the best opportunity to shine.

    A Copywriter Will Just Use Fancy Words

    When looking at “Is copywriting just writing?”, there are plenty of people out there who believe a copywriter is all about using fancy words. They believe that a copywriter will produce pieces that baffle their target audience and words are overly complicated. The reality here is that it’s usually the opposite that’s true.

    A skilled copywriter will opt for simple language over complex. They will craft a message that’s impactful while still being easy to digest.  

    Anyone Can Be A Copywriter

    We can’t really argue here because the truth is, yes, anyone can be a copywriter. Just as is the case with graphic designers, musicians and computer programmers. Anyone can be any one of these things as long as they’re prepared to put in the work and dedication. 

    Being a good copywriter doesn’t just happen. Just like a musician, a copywriter has to master their craft. While people always have to start somewhere, it’s the experience that a copywriter gains that makes them great. They learn to become even better communicators and they master the skills that are needed to engage an audience.

    A Copywriter Is There To Make Corrections

    If you believe that copywriting is just writing, then you’ll have certain expectations when you receive your copy. The reality is that copywriters aren’t there to focus on the spelling and grammar of every piece. This is something that an editor is there to do.

    There are copywriting companies, just like ours, that offer editing services, but the main focus is always on providing copy that’s compelling. This doesn’t justify a copywriter providing you with work that’s littered with spelling mistakes. However, understanding roles helps to set and manage, expectations.

    Copywriting Isn’t Difficult

    If you believe that the answer to “Is copywriting just writing?” is yes, then you could be forgiven for thinking that copywriting is easy.  As we’ve already looked at, virtually anyone can write and they write to a fairly competent level. However, this isn’t what copywriting is about.

    A copywriter is someone who has put in the work to master a skill. They’re not writing like a competent adult. Instead, they’re using words in ways that the majority of people just can’t do. These words have an impact and they lead to people taking action. 

    A Great Copywriter Can Increase Sales Of Anything

    copywriter can increase sales of anything

    Once you get beyond the question, “Is copywriting just writing?” you get to really appreciate what a copywriter is capable of. While this is a great step, it also comes with its own danger The danger is that you fall into the trap of believing that a copywriter can help to sell anything.

    To get the most out of what a copywriter can offer, you need to have a viable product or service. Yes, a copywriter will be able to generate interest and enquiries regardless, but long-term sales and success are reliant on having something that people will want to buy. 

    Copywriting Is Only About Sales 

    By investing in a great copywriter, over the long term, you will see a return on your investment. More interest will be generated in what you have to offer and there will be more eyes on your company. However, a copywriter isn’t just there to sell.

    A copywriter creates copy that adds value. By providing this value, your target audience is able to connect with your brand. It is this connection that then leads to them buying from you. No one likes being sold to directly. A great copywriter does this in a subtle way by creating something that gives rather than just seeks to take.

    Copywriters Just Copy And Paste

    One of the biggest misconceptions is that a copywriter will just take content from elsewhere. Any copywriter who actually does this is one that needs to be avoided. As well as potential legal issues around plagiarism, Google is unlikely to reward your site with rehashed content. 

    A great copywriter provides copy that is fresh and original. It’s content that’s unique to you and you can be sure that it’ll pass any plagiarism detector.

    What Do Copywriters Do?

    If you’re still wondering “Is copywriting just writing?” it may be worth taking a look at the main tasks that a copywriter is responsible for. These include:

    • Understanding your audience and crafting copy that speaks directly to them
    • Knowing what is too much and too little in terms of words and then getting it just right
    • Finding the right angle for your brand 
    • Researching your sector and each piece of copy before it’s produced 
    • Creating copy that people actually want to read
    • Offering expertise to guide you through the process and to advise 

    Final Thoughts

    Hopefully, you can now realise that the answer to “Is copywriting just writing?” is a resounding no. As we have seen, practically anyone is capable of writing to a competent standard, but copywriting goes beyond this. It’s about using the right words in the right way so that your audience is compelled to read. That reading then leads to actions being taken that only benefit your business.

    If you want to experience what a great copywriter really has to offer, now is the perfect time to get in touch. We have the expertise to guide you through the process and we have an outstanding team of writers who are looking forward to delivering for you.