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Newsletter Copywriting

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  • Let us help you build brand awareness and nurture leads through the sales cycle


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Newsletter Copywriting

As you build your business, you soon realise that there are numerous options when it comes to reaching your target audience. The businesses that have the greatest success are those that have the perfect marketing mix.

While you’re probably hot when it comes to SEO, social media and even content marketing, have you stopped to consider the power of newsletter marketing? Studies show that email marketing brings by far the biggest return on investment and using newsletters gives you the perfect opportunity to communicate with your audience. 

The power of email and newsletter copywriting professionals 

There’s a very good chance that you’re sat on an abundance of email addresses. These could be from previous customers or those who only got as far as expressing an interest. Either way, these people know who you are, and it’s highly likely that they’d be happy to hear from you.

What do you say? How do you make sure that your emails are opened? What do these people actually want to read? How do you get across your message in the most effective way? That’s where professional copywriters come in.

You may know what you want to say, but a copywriter is best placed to help you say it. They can create headlines and titles that encourage readers to open your email in the first place, and they can create copy that keeps people reading. They also know how to craft the purpose call to action so that your email has a purpose and can bring real results.

The benefits of sending newsletters

It makes sense to use the tools that you have to grow your business, and email addresses are one of those tools that you’ve probably locked away and aren’t exploiting to their full potential. Just some of the reasons that you should be making the most of this marketing method are:

  • It allows you to position yourself as the expert in your sector
  • There is a real opportunity to build relationships
  • You’re given the chance to offer value to your audience and build trust
  • You keep your brand in their mind

What should be included in a newsletter?

There are plenty of things that could be featured in your newsletters. Just some ideas include:

  • Resources such as industry news and blog posts
  • Company updates
  • Details of new products or services
  • Exclusive offers and discounts

How Content Conga can help

At Content Conga, we know a thing or two about words. In fact, we help businesses just like yours by supplying over 70,000 of them each and every week. Customers keep coming back to us because we’re good at what we do.

Why not let our UK-based writers help you to craft the perfect newsletter? Let us show you just what email marketing can achieve.