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Copyediting Service

About Content Conga’s Copyediting service

At Content Conga, we understand the importance of making a great first impression, and for only £0.01 per word, with a 2 working day turnaround time, our UK-based copyeditors can help you achieve that.

Maybe you have guidelines or templates that you use for all your copy, or perhaps you just want some articles checked for spelling and grammar before they get sent to your customer.

We work with both small businesses and large SEO agencies and copyedit an average of over 150,000 words a week for our customers, covering every niche you could think of, so we can turn our hands to your vertical with confidence.

How does Content Conga’s copyediting service work?

We work with clients of any size – some who require one article at a time reviewing, and others who require 50+ a day. As everyone’s guidelines/requirements are different, we find it best if we communicate via email before working together.

As mentioned above, we only charge £0.01 per word, which means our typical prices are:

  • £5 per 500 words
  • £10 per 1000 words
  • £20 per 2000 words
  • £30 per 3000 words

To place your copyediting order just email us at

What Should You Include in Your Email?

  • Details about the kind of copyediting you would like us to do. Is it just spelling and grammar or do you have a set of guidelines you want us to use to compare against the article(s)?
  • The article(s) you would like us to review.

If you are an SEO agency wanting daily copyediting of your customers’ orders, then just let us know, and we can develop a workflow that will work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my copyediting content?

Within 2 working days.

What kind of content can I send for copyediting?

  • Blog posts
  • Long form articles
  • Brochures
  • White papers
  • Emails
  • Social media content

Can I order a specific word count?

You will be charged per word for copyediting, so you can send through content of any word length.

What do I do if I have multiple articles that need copyediting?

Simply send them to us via email for us to review and we will provide you with a price before proceeding. If you are happy, we will then do all the copyediting work and invoice you afterwards.

How much does copyediting from Content Conga cost?

We charge £0.007 per word.

Why should I use Content Conga for copyediting?

As we are both UK based and work with companies of all sizes from around the world, you can be sure you are getting a fantastic service for the price. We already provide copywriting to customers covering every niche you could imagine, so we likely already have enough knowledge of your sector to know how things should look to make the right impression.

Do you offer different levels of service?

No. All our content is copyedited by professionals. We don’t believe in charging people for substandard work.